Spotlight on Taurus


Spotlight: Taurus (April 21-May 20)

Is your astrological sign Taurus?

Are you a Taurus? Then you belong to the fixed and earth signs. You appear to be and you are calm by nature, but just below the surface lives a stubborn, irascible energy. A Taurus stands for possession. Tangible possession. And to acquire it, you employ common sense, strength, patience, and caution. You are willing to work long and hard to acquire material security. Plus you’ve got the right physique for it. A Taurus is usually tough and fit for a long life. You’re a sensual bonvivant who loves a lot of things. On the menu: eating, drinking, sex and hugging a plenty. Yet the average Taurus performs best when he or she is supported by a positive energy which can be benefitted from.

A Taurus is usually peaceful, committed, and faithful. And slow,on the uptake, too. But what they have processed and recorded once, they never forget. They love nature and they enjoy beauty and luxury. Yet they are often economical, because they want to collect things in life. Tauri have an artistic side because they are in essence emotional people. Furthermore, they prefer habits and routine. They are very tenacious, which can turn into stubbornness. Then they doggedly continue down the road taken, even if it leads straight to failure. You’d better not have a Taurus for an enemy, because then you’ll get to know his/her vindictive nature.

Although they are somewhat rough around the edges, fertile Tauri do just fine with the opposite sex. They are sensual and love intimacy and a solid sex life. From their conventional viewpoint, they say yes to marriage. A Taurus is faithful and can keep the fires of love burning for a long time. Because underneath their quiet act, a lot of passion is smoldering after all. Which also causes the possessive, jealous Taurus to erupt into violent rage all of a sudden. If this is case, clear the scene quickly!

  • Your weakness: neck, throat and chest
  • Your greatest quality: patience
  • Your biggest downside: stubbornness
  • Your color: blue and green
  • Your Planet: Venus
  • Your metal: copper
  • Your gemstones: green emerald
  • Your day: Friday
  • Favorite occupations: :Tauri are perfect for professions in which routine, patience, dedication, and craftsmanship, are essential. Add to that their material mindset and their feeling for nature, beauty and art, and we arrive at the following options: A variety of administrative jobs, trade and craftsmen, farmers and horticulturists, beekeepers, agriculturists and animal breeders. Or perfumers, cooks, singers, and composers. The whole sector of construction workers, site managers, architects, and engineers, contractors, various craftsmen, and real estate brokers, too. Our body is in good hands with Tauri, who work as doctors and paramedics, in the garment and fashion industry, or in the health and beauty sector. Furthermore, they can be active as stylists. Think of makeup artists, interior decorators, make-over specialists, and hairdressers.

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