Taurus at Work


Here you can read more about the professional qualities (+ and -) of Taurusies and the associated professions. The sketch below is of course not complete, but it does serve as a useful indication.

TAURUS ( April 21 –  May 21)

You, Taurus, can handle lots of work. You work thoroughly, patiently and you are not averse to routine work. You like to keep it tangible, safe and secure. You’re a calm type who can be counted on. You are not equipped for risky jobs or work that requires great flexibility. As an earth sign you like professions linked to nature. And the brick in your stomach connects you to real estate. You are also attracted to art, everything about food and everything about the beautification of the human body. And you know it yourself: you can usually handle money well.

Note: Given your patience and the thoroughness with which you work, you may appear slow. Others may even call you lazy. Your stubbornness can also create problems in the workplace.


These professions may attract you:

Construction worker – architect – real estate agent – contractor – janitor- engineer (water works / bridges / road works).

Cook – hotelier – pastry chef – baker – chocolatier – brasserie or restaurant owner – B&B manager.

Beekeeper – agronomist – forest manager – gardener – forester – nature manager – arborist – farmer – livestock farmer – vegetable or fruit grower – florist.

Banker – bank clerk – tax specialist – insurance agent – tax service employee – bookkeeper.

Cabinet-maker – joiner.

Beautician – masseur – pedicure – wellness employee – hairdresser.

Perfume designer – jeweler – fashion designer – seamstress – everything in and around the fashion industry – everything related to bridal wear  – interior decorator – make-over specialist – stylist.

Artist – musician – singer – songwriter – singer/songwriter.

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