Taurus and Sex


Sex is a denominator under which we can bring together many different elements. This creates a mix of warm feelings, eroticism, libido, (irresistible) attraction and sensuality. A rich, effective cocktail that works slightly differently in each of us. But do read on and discover some typical behavior patterns of the different zodiac signs in the colorful, eternal world of sex, erotica and sensuality.


Burgundian, sensualist, bon vivant… You wait for your leisurely comfort until a suitable buddy just walks up to you or walks by, Taurus. Only then do you take action. And usually it still works. Because you obtained a master’s degree in pleasure and sensuality. After all, you are able to tap into all erotic variants, including the Kamasutra. Except for the acrobatic positions because it’s too tiring. And of course, thanks to your sensory virtuosity, you are guaranteed to give almost all your bed partners many an orgasm. Because slow is beautiful for you. Your approach is therefore sensual, with a preference for a long erotic build-up.

Your sexual orientation: can be straight or gay. But you seldom deviate from your approach to grab someone as well as from your established sexual preferences and habits.

Number of sex partners: usually few, because you are selective in terms of partner and intuitively feel whether a potential partner is in for an elaborate and sensual love game. But you too can be wrong. And if it turns out that your regular partner continues to disappoint you in this area, sooner or later you will end the relationship.

Your sultry but blissful sin: anything where you can kiss, lick and suck extensively. And you will receive the same afterwards.
Because for what, belongs what.

Your greatest fantasy: making love for days in an exclusive super-de-luxe villa plus complete wellness (including stand-by masseur) and
with a view of the full nature. All this accompanied by lots of good food and topped with champagne or appropriate wines/beers.

You can go wild with: a finely tuned Cancer, a solid Capricorn, a subtle Pisces, a reserved Virgo or an irresistible Scorpio.

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