Scorpion at work


Below you can read more about the professional qualities (+ and -) of Scorpion and the associated professions. The sketch below is of course not complete, but it is a good guideline.

SCORPION (October 23 – November 21)

As a born survivor, you have impressive physical reserves, Scorpio. Together with your ambition, penetrating intelligence, charisma, resilience and courage, they ensure that you are successful in the workplace. You just brighten up in trouble and opposition, and are at your best when you have to fight for a cause or deal. You have a poker face and often make a calm impression that is completely misleading. Under the skin it brews and ferments and you are always on the defensive or on the attack. As a smart strategist, you are usually a few steps ahead of your business partners. You get straight to the heart of the matter and you are equipped to unravel mysteries at all levels. Researching is your thing. You like to work in groups, but you are not really a team player. For this you miss the necessary flexibility and you try too hard to persuade others to your vision or if necessary to put pressure on them. Either way, you do your own thing and deal with people and things your way.

Please note: You live with strong likes and dislikes, which can make collaboration / teamwork difficult. You can also be (consciously or unconsciously) driven by revenge. You often (and unfortunately) perform best in a somewhat challenging, conflictual atmosphere that you can provoke yourself if necessary.

Appropriate professions for Scorpion
Surgeon – dentist – butcher – gynecologist – midwife.
Physicist – chemist – geologist – caver – sexologist – depth psychologist – astronomer – psychotherapist – psychiatrist.
Forensic investigator – policeman – firefighter – army – spy – double agent – detective – criminologist – coroner – fire-eater – acrobat – extreme sports.
Sex worker – narcotics dealer – drug dealer – taxidermist – mystic – hypnotist.
Metal worker – metal smelter – glassblower – weapon maker – arms dealer – blacksmith – sculptor of metal sculptures.
Political or financial analyst.

Do you want to know more about Scorpion?

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