Spotlight on Scorpio


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Is your astrological sign Scorpio?  Then you belong to the water signs and the fixed signs. People are often on their guard for a Scorpio. And with good reason, since the Scorpio’s power is legendary. Just like its sting, by the way. A Scorpio stands for “everything or nothing”. You’re not someone who caves in under difficulties, but you simply rise from your ashes. As a Scorpio, you never forget those who were unjust to you and you will have your revenge. At the right time of course, sometimes even only years later. Because Scorpios can wait long and patiently before bringing down their victim(s) mercilessly.

Scorpios love working in groups. Unfortunately, they are driven by their likes and dislike. They continually criticise everything and everyone and they always have their way. Their word is law. You too, refuse to adapt. Do others react unfavorably? You couldn’t care less. You thrive at the sight of trouble and adversity, because you want to spice things up. Which means you always need someone or something to fight against. Are things running smoothly? Then you start fights and you cause friction. As a tough, cunning, and smart Scorpio, you appear calm on the outside, yet on the inside you’re most definitely anything but, since you are continually on offence or on defence.

A Scorpio is very sensuous. Sex is a huge outlet here, and as a result passion, stamina, and even brute force are frequently in play. And here too, it’s everything or nothing. They love with all there being or… not at all (any more). As soon as they detect the faintest hint of infidelity, revenge rears its jealous head for a Scorpio. Lingering harassments, fierce fights, or even crimes of passion become a harsh reality.

  • Your weakness: genitals and anus
  • Your strength: Power and stamina
  • Your bad side: revenge
  • Your color: garnet
  • Your Planet: Mars & Pluto
  • Your metal: iron
  • Your gemstones: garnet
  • Your day: Tuesday
  • Favorite occupations: : As a shrewd, brave Scorpio, you possess a piercing intelligence of a particular nature. You penetrate the heart of the matter and you like unravelling mysteries on all levels. Think: surgeon, dentist, butcher, forensic investigator, policeman, spy, detective, blacksmith, criminologist, coroner, metal worker, metal smelter, psychologist, gunsmith, arms dealer, or sculptor of metal sculptures. Also popular among Scorpios: astronomer, physicist, chemist, geologist, speleologist, sex therapist, midwife, obstetrician, taxidermist, dealer in narcotics, drug dealer, mystic or hypnotist.

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