Spotlight on Libra


Are you a Libra (September 23 – October 22) or do you know one?

Is your sign Libra? Then you belong to the Air signs and the Cardinal signs. In essence, you are inconstant. Because you are continually trying to balance yourself and your life. Throughout everything that is happening in, around, and to you. To maintain or improve this fragile balance, you change yourself and your opinions like the wind. And you won’t hesitate to use lies and cover-ups in the process.

You possess a radar attuned to society’s values. It allows you to correctly assess people and situations on their true merits. People seek your company because you can be upbeat, charming, appeasing, conciliatory, entertaining, and super-flexible. Yes, you try to please everybody, which makes you a sort of social chameleon. Your combativeness is small, which means you need a tiny push now and again. Your sense of beauty, on the other hand, is large. Because you have the soul of an artist.

Your deepest desire is finding a perfect buddy, your soul mate. Because you like partnership, especially when it comes to love. As a result, finding Mr or Mrs Right, is of vital importance to you. That’s why love, or your search for love, drains such a large part of your energy. Because as long as you don’t find that love, you feel lost and incomplete. Have you found your perfect match? Then you’re attentive and sensual, and you try to understand and please your significant other. You can be a great partner, dazzling and engaging, until you capriciousness and moodiness pop up. That’s when you become completely disloyal to a person or an idea, only to leave the other(s) behind in disappointment.

  • Your weakness: kidneys and blatter
  • Your strength: you’re the sign that’s looking for companionship the most
  • Your bad side: capriciousness
  • Your color: pink
  • Your Planet: Venus
  • Your metal: copper
  • Your gemstones: Rose Quartz & Morganite
  • Your day: Friday
  • Favorite occupations: : As a Libra, you like to be around people and you are a true team player. Despite the fact that a Libra is usually intelligent and perceptive, he or she opts for a creative or artistically inclined occupation. Reconciliation, diplomacy, and achieving a compromise also attracts a Libra. Just like everything that has to do with embellishing the body and the look of people and things. Think: (photo)model, movement therapist, hairdresser, manicurist, pedicurist, fashion designer, diplomat, lawyer, judge, masseur, interior decorator, dance teacher, ballerina, choreographer, actor, seller of luxury items, window dresser, photographer, beautician, makeup specialist, musician, conductor, philologist, writer, journalist, web designer, artist, doctor (specialist in bladder and kidney or skin diseases, plastic surgeon)

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