Spotlight on Leo


Are you a Leo? (July 23 – August 22)

Know that your fire sign points to the outside world. Your are nervous and short-tempered by nature. You’re quick to roar, but the noise dies down just as quickly. You’re part of the strong signs that ensure stability and perseverance. But also stubbornness, which might throw a spanner in the works. You keep both feet planted firmly on the ground, you’re often consumed by practical matters and you also try to organise and realise them. You prefer to live large, Leo, and you’re fond of luxury, decorum and beautiful, expensive things. Including art in all its guises. If at all possible, you like to act as a patron of the arts. Because you can be very generous, for sure.

You’re a powerful, dynamic person and you possess an outspoken personality that is hard to ignore. You mostly like to paint the broad strokes and you’re a fine commander and leader. You leave the details to you subordinates. You love to be viewed as an authority and especially as the shining center. Even a self-professed modest little Leo loves the spotlights and needs an audience. Your whiskers curl up with satisfaction when you accept praise and compliments from fans and followers. They feed your ego and flatter your vanity and pride. Someone who knows how to sing your highest praises can get anything (if not everything) done from you.

Your ideal partner is someone to show off with in any company. Preferably a presentable, fashionably dressed, and well-mannered specimen. Evidently! Since he or she needs to bolster your appearance, but… he or she cannot hog the spotlights by him- or herself. Because you need to be the undisputed gravitational centre of attention.

  • Favorite occupations: heart and blood circulation
  • Your strength: organizational skills
  • Your bad side: overbearing behavior
  • Your color: yellow gold and amber
  • Your metal: gold
  • Your gemstones: diamond, zircon, and oligoclase
  • Your day: Sunday
  • Favorite occupations: : anything that garners praise and allows you to shine. Think: doctor, artist, patron of the arts, CEO of small and medium enterprise, actor, lawyer, politician, jeweller, actor, head of state, general executive or manager, teacher, dealer, business man…

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