Is your child or grandchild a Sagittarius?


Is your child or grandchild a Sagittarius?

This chatty and cheerful child, has a somewhat busy nature and is often overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. It is difficult to sit still for long periods of time. It must be able to move freely. The young Sagittarius is curious and adventurous. It wants to discover the world and nature and/or the magical realm of countless books.

Already at a young age he/she shows a philosophical streak. It tries to understand everything. From puberty, your child begins to show an interest in politics and society. Your Sagittarius child possesses a great sense of justice. He/said cannot tolerate that a person or animal is unfairly treated unfairly. This child will always spontaneously defend the weaker. At home, at school, in the youth movement, in short, everywhere.

This child also has fears. It has a great need for independence. The great fear here is that you will no longer be able to live and move freely and independently. Someone has to go deeper into it with him/her. Even if the child is still too young to absorb the full impact of that explanation.

This optimistic, honest child does well in school and is loved by classmates and teachers alike. Its self-confidence depends on the pats on the back and appreciation it receives at home and at school. After all, beneath his/her pride is a great sensitivity. If the atmosphere at home is not good, it can depress him/her considerably. If the atmosphere at school is not good, the child will lose his motivation.

How do you handle your Sagittarius child?

To keep his/her good mood

If this child feels good, it will tend to talk, laugh, sing, danceā€¦ Let it happen, allow your child to express itself, express itself! Want to discuss current affairs? Go with it but avoid broaching or getting stuck with terrifying realities. Show this child that when the glass is half empty, it is still half full.

To help your child grow up

To familiarize him/her with freedom, independence and money, you can give the child small responsibilities. Shopping in the area, for example. First you go, later the child goes alone. Take a walk together in which you indicate in which circle it should stay. Otherwise something will swing.

To reward your child

Make a list of: for what belongs what. Give praise for good results in school, if the child expresses himself correctly or cleans his/her room by himself. Does it do a job of its own accord? Then give it a cent for the piggy bank. In this way, your child also immediately learns to save for a specific goal.

Avoid using the following phrases

I can’t explain that to you, you’re too young for it…
Yes, bad things are happening in the world and it’s not getting any better.
Please shut up and sit still! Sit still, I tell you!


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