Spotlight on Gemini


Spotlight: Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Is your astrological sign Gemini?

Is your astrological sign Gemini? Then you’re a mutable air sign, and you’re nervous and lively by nature. You’re the messenger who brings news and connects people. Only to take off afterwards. You’re fickle and you seem like quicksilver because you’re fast, smooth and always in motion. You can be found everywhere and you effortlessly get in touch and sympathize with the most diverse people. You’re clever to shrewd, alert, curious, and bright. You manipulate and inspire. You possess a knack for language and you’re eloquent. You charm everyone with your smooth & elegant chatter. Your personality is split and complex, which continually confuses other people.

Gemini are creative, handy, and jacks-of-all-trades. But they lack depth and stamina. They are somewhat absentminded and finish little. Gemini always tell the truth, but it’s “their” truth at that time. As a result they appear to be lying, but they don’t do it intentionally. It just happens, you know? Gemini are welcome guests because they can entertain an entire company. That’s right! Gemini are also great at swiping other people’s ideas. And, after a few smart interventions, they pass off those ideas as if they came up with them. They are good friends and neighbors. But when push comes to shove, don’t bother relying on them.

When it comes to love, a Gemini is a cosy companion and partner. But here too, their fickle natures is still active. Gemini are in love with love, and forever in search of the perfect partner, since they truly have the perfect picture in mind. Restlessness and a desire for their dream partner, drives them. Sex is part of it, but rarely prevails. It’s mainly about the conquest of their beloved one. As a result, infidelity is often present here. And a Gemini can certainly have a relationship with multiple partners at once.

  • Your weakness: lungs
  • Your greatest quality: adaptability
  • Your biggest downside: fragmentation
  • Your color: bright yellow
  • Your Planet: Mercury
  • Your metal: Mercury
  • Your gemstones: Rock Crystal & Tiger’s Eye
  • Your day: Wednesday
  • Favorite occupations: :Gemini are cut out multitasking. They always do two things at once already. Everything related to language and literacy, appeals to Gemini. Or, communication, media, mediation, trade, and courier services. Also occupations where skill, manipulation and sleight of hand are required. And rational thought, because they are rarely passionate.
    Just think: author, journalist, spokesperson, copywriter, dealer, tv and radio presenter, interpreter, bookseller, huckster, healer, surgeon, stand-up comedian, actor, magician, illusionist, cheat, thief, pickpocket, fraud, mediators of all kind, acrobat, any sort of intermediary, casino dealer, professional gambler, stuntman, lawyer, broker, agent, salesman, PR person, and diplomat.

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