The downside of the zodiac sign Capricorn


We all know, where there is a front there must be a back. Because every coin always has a flip side. So every sun sign has a shadow side. Read here more  about the different zodiac signs and their greatest working point.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Your dark side is: being demanding.

From your urge for perfection you are demanding, Or better: super demanding. After all, you are rarely satisfied with the result obtained, so you always demand more, Capricorn. More effort, more interest, more vision, in short: more, more, more. From yourself and from everyone because you spare no one. You don’t know the word compassion. The goal will be achieved and the weaker must also perform hard. And if things are not going as planned? Then you take it out on everyone.

Beneath that exactingness, lies great fear.

You are a realist who sees the world as it really is. A place full of crime, disease, unemployment, inept leaders, terrorism, social inequality and the whole corrupt system. It’s eat or be eaten. That makes you sad. You want to wake people up. Everyone should contribute to a better world. Why don’t you look for it in a different direction sometimes? Happiness may be within reach. Not always, but often enough to make you happy plus everyone around you. And that way, you also make the world a little better.

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