Is your child or grandchild an Aries?


Is your child or grandchild an ARIES? (March 21 – April 20)

Then you are dealing with a bundle of energy that will seriously test the patience and authority of his/her educators. Above all, realize that this child wants to be ‘seen and heard’ and that it thrives on the attention of its immediate environment. Doesn’t it get that attention? Then this strong rascal will demand his or her much-needed portion of attention with a lot of noise. Will there be a penalty? No problem: punishing someone is also a form of attention!

Little/young Aries are daredevils, doers, pioneers, leaders, chefs… Often this is accepted by their peers. They are – literally and figuratively – sporty, agile and they love challenges and competition. They dare to take risks, but they do want to win. And yes, they are bad losers.

This is usually an honest kid that just says what it thinks. There is rarely a hidden agenda here and so the child is not lying in a systematic or calculated way. If it nevertheless squeezes out a little white lie, then the child will soon admit it. Even a little embarrassed. It is also a generous and warm child who will help you spontaneously if necessary and possible.

Because this child does not have a hidden agenda itself, it will approach others (relatives, neighbours, classmates, friends and acquaintances) with confidence. And it will believe what others say, only to find out afterwards that he or she has been cheated or lied to. The young Aries can react to this both sadly and aggressively.


How best to handle your Aries child

To temper his/her enthusiasm and impulsiveness

An Aries child often acts first and only afterwards thinks about the consequences of his/her instant act. And of course this can lead to small (and larger) collateral damage. And it also leads to regret, not in the least within the child itself. Try to explain to this child that he should always count to three before flying into something. Practice it with her/him whenever you are around when such a situation arises. And it will be hard practice, because impulsivity is innate in an Aries.

To tackle the innate credulity cum vulnerability

Aries children have a big mouth and like to act tough. But don’t forget that this child also has a small (but warm) heart. And through his/her innate belief in the sincerity of others, this can lead to grief and hurt. Because not everyone is as friendly as he/she looks and not everyone does what he/she has promised. You can listen to your Aries child and offer comfort. And talk about the incident. In addition, you can make it clear step by step how people really work.

To curb his or her tantrums and aggression

This are children who can kick ass or at the very least get angry to heated, if they don’t get their way. There is only one thing you can do to save yourself, your child and the rest of your family from such scenarios. And that is: channeling the excess of energy by making the child move. Let it run, jump, play football, swim, do gymnastics and cycle. Once it is old enough, it can exercise in a controlled manner. From the teenage age, it will choose a competitive sport or a sport with a dangerous side.

Avoid exclamations like:

Keep your big mouth shut, I’m still the boss here!

Did you argue again? No more computer games for a week!

How many times do I have to tell you not to jump on the bed!


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