Spotlight on Capricorn


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20)

Is your astrological sign Capricorn?

Are you, astrologically speaking, a Capricorn? Then you’re an Earth sign and you belong to the Cardina lsigns. You’re introverted, disciplined, thoughtful, intelligent, and cunning. Your mental prowess prevails over your emotional and social side. You think logically and you lack some imagination. You frequently put your profession above your private life. Because you’re ambitious and extremely dutiful. Capricorns enduringly and patiently leap from mountain to mountain until they arrive at the desired summit. You seek solitude. Because you feel at your best when you’re alone, and you prefer your own company over (the hustle and bustle of) a family or an extended circle of friends. You are fond of tradition and conventional things.

No matter how hard the rigorous Capricorn tries, he or she often ranks among the horses that don’t earn the prize they rightfully deserve. The cause is found in a lack of social skills, emotional warmth, and generosity. Because the frugal Capricorn only shares friendship, love and appreciation sparingly, and even then, after much consideration. The spontaneous, heart-warming element is missing here. A Capricorn is usually serious, solid, somewhat staid. But be careful: meanwhile he or she does own a fine sense of (dry) humor. What’s more,the little Capricorn can be mocking and remarkably witty in his or her approach. Capricorns are also drawn to music. Just think of Elvis Presley.

The average Capricorn is not really jumping with joy to enter into a relationship. A single life seems just fine to him or her. But then there’s the Capricorn’s strong sexuality and the fact that he or she follows society’s prevailing norm. So many a Capricorn ultimately marries anyway, and says “I do” to an older or wealthy partner. If Capricorns choose a significant other/family, they go all out, and here too, they are dutiful and dedicated.

  • Your weakness: your knees and bones
  • Your strength: perseverance
  • Your bad side: misanthropy
  • Your color: black
  • Your Planet: Saturn
  • Your metal: lead
  • Your gemstones: onyx
  • Your day: Saturday
  • Favorite occupations: :Anything related to order, precision, numbers, routine, working solitary, a large sense of duty and/or a direct link with the subject matter. Think: miner, ranger, night watchman, mason, architect, hermit, monk, construction worker, researcher, agricultural engineer, archivist, director or employee in a museum, organizer, librarian. Also everything related to entertainment, music and real estate. Or: stand-up comedian, teacher, manager, contractor, banker, economist, engineer, surveyor, mathematician or scientist.

Matching love partners for Capricorn

❤ ❤ ❤ Taurus, Virgo

❤ ❤  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


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