Spotlight on Cancer


Is your astrological sign Cancer (June 22 – July 22)?

Is your astrological sign Cancer? Then you belong to the cardinal and water signs and you are lymphatic by nature. You’re someone who’s driven by feelings. Which can obviously cause problems. Such as mood swings and unpredictability, which can cloud your well-being and your relationships with others. You absorb the vibrations of people, things, situations, and places. Emotionally,you remain stuck in the past and you sense both the present and the future at once. You’re intuitive, restless, capricious, a little bit crazy, dreamy, and vulnerable. You don’t allow just anyone in your life. You need material and emotional security to function at your best in this existence.

Cancerians often have a sense of humor, a feeling for rhythm and music and they are versatile, creative, and artistic. They have strong likes and dislikes regarding people. Cancerians are introverted and often wear a protective armor. And yet, Cancerians still manage to deal with other people in an effortless way. That’s because of their finely-tuned radar and their great sense of empathy. Cancerians like to travel and they can really amaze you. Since, just when you think you’re dealing with a timid, soft-boiled little specimen, their perfectionist, efficient, and business-minded side pops up out of nowhere. No nonsense here, please. Cancerians take charge and demand substantial results. Great freelancers, by the way.

In matters of love, Cancerians are romantic, sophisticated, patient, imaginative, protective, and warm. This female sign stands for caring and nurturing. As a partner, the average Cancer is more motherly/fatherly and conventional,rather than exciting. The partner (and his/her family) must be reliable and solid. Because home, family, and tradition, now constitute the hub of his/her existence. The home base is cozy and comfortable and a Cancer wants to shine here, and be completely in charge of things.

  • Your weakness: stomach
  • Your greatest quality: sensitivity
  • Your biggest downside: capriciousness, moodiness
  • Your color: white
  • Your Planet: Moon
  • Your metal: Silver
  • Your gemstones: Moonstone, real pearl, light green emerald
  • Your day: Monday
  • Favorite occupations: Everything that happens on and around water, is liked by Cancerians. Just like leadership, independent or freelance professions and creative or artistic jobs. Let’s not forget occupations where feeling and intuition are important, or children and care play a central role. Furthermore, everything that has to do with food, trade, travel, “the past” and jobs in which one is constantly in contact with people.
    Then we arrive at: store manager, salesperson, manager, nurse, nanny, elderly care, mother, performing musician, singer, housewife, midwife, pediatrician, cook, restaurant owner, historian, archaeologist, antiquarian, brocanteur, instrument builder, writer, actor, dancer, all kinds of kitchen and hotel staff (from low to high ranking), world traveler, sailors, fisheries, clairvoyant, clairsentient, medium, card reader, hand reader, psychologist, psychotherapist, helpline or palliative ward assistant. Laundry employees.

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