Astrology and chocolate


Aren’t you curious about the relationship between chocolate and your zodiac sign? Happyvibes presents you the chocolate astrology know-how on a tray. No inspiration for a gift? Give someone chocolate, according to his or her character.  Because, it is the perfect gift for birthdays, Secretary’s Day, Woman’s day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year and even surprise parties. And last but not least: to say “I love you” or “thank you very much”.

For this impulsive leader full of dynamism and confidence: dark chocolate filled with cherry. Type Mon Cheri. And also: a delicious moelleux. This is a chocolate cake with a heart of liquid chocolate.

The solid, loyal, reliable, tending to luxury Taurus is fond of dark chocolate truffles filled with rich chestnut or hazelnut cream. He or she never says no to artisanal dark chocolate mousse or éclairs.

As flexible social butterflies, they can be slow to make a final decision. Unless it concerns chocolate. Then they choose white chocolate truffles made with ganache filling. Or cookies in white and dark chocolate.

The caring, emotional Cancers protect their soft inner material via a sturdy armor. So they go for milk chocolates filled with fruity, velvet cream. And hot milk chocolate is the ideal cup of comfort.

Royal, generous, warm hearted and charismatic as they are, these people are going for a good portion of dark, bitter chocolate. Leos like to eat it in the form of cupcakes. Both pure and in combination with lemon.

This helpful, introverted, fussy people enjoy discreet, simple but perfectly prepared dark chocolate truffles. Accompanied by a dark Javanais, they completely let go of things.

This righteous, romantic and intelligent soul, always sees both sides of the case. Libra is also looking for that duality in chocolate. Therefore, chocolates and cakes of dark chocolate, finished with white chocolate are their favorite.

This intense, mysterious people remain fascinated by life and love. Alcohol is part of it. They enjoy a Martini with coffee beans in milk chocolate and milk chocolate truffles with a soft filling of rum and raisins.

SAGITTARIUS                                                                                                                                                                                                                 This active, courageous optimist likes the darkest chocolate. With a ginger touch. He or she also grabs regularly a nutritious, but dark chocolate bar with nuts or trail mix.

Ambitious, conscientious and serious as they are, even these people have a weak spot. Somewhere in their office they sneaky keep expensive, dark, spicy chocolates and best workmanship’s chocolate marbled cake.

The popular, special, spontaneous and unconventional Aquarius loves surprises. Also in candy. He or she eats dark chocolate filling wrapped in a layer of white chocolate with mint flavor. Or brownies interspersed with bits of white chocolate.

Being mystic dreamers the generous, friendly and flexible Pisces loves soft chocolate based desserts. Even marshmallows coated in milk chocolate and a simple but nutritious chocolate pudding, always score.


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