Spotlight on Aries


Spotlight: Aries (March 21 – April 20

Is your astrological sign Aries?

Then you belong to the fire signs and cardinal signs. You’re quick-tempered and impulsive by nature. You always need to deplete your large supply of energy. You do that by being continuously active and by fearlessly rushing towards difficulties. You don’t hesitate. You make your choice and you completely go for it. You can be the guide, chef or pioneer. You’re someone who leads breakthroughs or forces them if necessary. You’re the brave explorer, he/she who sets the boundaries. The flip side of this coin? Act first, think later. A great recklessness and the conviction that you’re always right. And then there’s your naive side.

It goes without saying that an Aries ensures that he/she gets noticed. Aries are spontaneous, straightforward, fair, helpful and they sparkle like champagne. But Aries also have their own opinion about everything and everyone, and they don’t deviate from it. Their vision is the only correct one and that attitude provokes discussions with a heated Aries. And things can get rowdy, until our Aries disappears with slamming doors and a lot of uproar. Aries inspire confidence by their self-assured attitude. But what they emanate and promise, they unfortunately can’t always deliver. Which leaves both the Aries and the other(s) disappointed.

In matters of love,Aries act as usual. Which is to say: quickly, and floating on impulses. They swear by their beloved freedom, too. They don’t want to feel chained to anyone, because then they suffocate. Aries like change, but if they choose someone, they do remain faithful. The emotional finesse of love, however, often escapes them. An Aries partner has to put a lot of time and energy in our Aries, who’s not the easiest person handle at home. This little creature’s ego has to be stroked constantly and he/she is always right. That’s right, always!

  • Your weakness: head
  • Your strength: courage
  • Your bad side: impulsiveness
  • Your color: the whole spectrum of reds
  • Your Planet: Mars
  • Your metal: Iron
  • Your gemstones: Ruby
  • Your day: Tuesday
  • Favorite occupations: :Aries prefer work that guarantees sufficient independence, action and freedom. No prying eyes, please.Of course, danger, noise, action and challenge may be aplenty. Anything related to pioneering, trend-setting, experiments, fire, metal, hazardous or challenging working conditions, travel and equipment, appeals to Aries. Think: avant-garde fashion designer, firemen, soldiers, bomb squad, pilots (especially fighter pilots), dentist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, brain surgeon, butcher, sportsmen (preferably dangerous or extreme sports), mountaineer, adventurer, tour guide, explorer, referee, trainer, personal coach, artist, and rebel. Furthermore: doctors and nurses without borders, various foreign missions, fighter, trade unionists, mechanics and tool designers, and every imaginable kind of technician. Let’s not forget professions related to aerospace, as well.

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