Aries and Sex


Sex is a denominator under which we can bring together many different elements. This creates a mix of warm feelings, eroticism, libido, (irresistible) attraction and sensuality. A rich, effective cocktail that works slightly differently in each of us. But do read on and discover some typical behavior patterns of the different zodiac signs in the colorful, eternal world of sex, erotica and sensuality.


You’re usually all in for some quick sex. For a flaming quickie, so to speak. Just admit it Aries, as well as the fact that you like to stay in control. It’s all somewhat animalistic, steamy and impulsive here. Once warmed up, you attack and ignite in no time. Some partners even think you’re moving too fast. Too bad for them, but you usually don’t play the slow build-up game. Pure waste of time, right? Does a potential partner linger too long? Then you quickly look for another one. Do you miss a few stitches in terms of technique, creativity and sensuality? So what! After all, you easily compensate for this through your fiery, intense approach and your healthy sexual appetite.

Your sexual orientation: mostly heterosexual. But if for some reason you end up in bed with someone of the same sex, this adventure is usually only (very) short lived.

Number of sex partners: your amorous passion can exhaust many partners. But whether it’s a one-night stand, a short affair or a permanent relationship: everything only starts for you when lightning strikes and you foresee potential fireworks.

Your lustful sin: having sex doggystyle…

Your greatest fantasy: meeting a dominant partner to whom you willingly submit.

You have the most fun in bed with an adventurous Sagittarius, a warm Leo, an original Aquarius or even a witty Gemini.

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