Is your child or grandchild a Pisces?


Is your child or grandchild a Pisces? ( February 20 – March 20)

This is rarely a wild child. It’s rather quiet, entertains on its own and dives into its big fantasy world whenever possible. It can have an imagined friend because his/her radar automatically connects with other dimensions. As a result, it can often seem a bit absent. When such a child gets a little older, it can endlessly amuse and lose itself in computer games. Even too much and too often. Keep an eye on this.

Your Pisces child is often held back and tormented by hypersensitivity and fears. So be alert here. On the other hand, you should not forget that the sign of Pisces falls under the element of water. Under the toughest element, because water erodes stones and rocks. That is why, despite everything, this child usually stays upright.

Furthermore, your little Pisces is reserved, a bit slow and introverted. Nevertheless, he or she is usually easy to get along with because they like to go along with who/what spontaneously floats by. As a parent or educator, it is often difficult for you to get to know this child. Never forget that the lovely Pisces thinks and acts more cunningly and tortuously than many children of other zodiac signs. A white lie out of convenience is quickly used here.

Pisces children are somewhat gullible, sometimes even naive. Because they always see the ideal picture. Which is of course an illusion. They believe people and usually focus on the good in others. So they often put their trust in the wrong individuals and unfortunately only realize it when it’s too late. So it’s up to you to introduce this child to reality. And teaching it while talking and listening that people and things are often not what they seem to be.

How to deal best with your Pisces child

To take the child out of his/her own world

This sensitive, imaginative and dreamy child likes to withdraw into his or her wonderful world. And that is not often shared with you. Pisces can get addicted to PC games, the place where dreams come true. Be alert and monitor the situation closely. Counterbalance and give your child the opportunity to develop his/her artistic talent. Singing, playing an instrument, dancing, acting… it’s all possible, here. And with success!

To allay his/her intense fears

The Pisces child is by far the most fearful child of the entire zodiac. Because his/her fantasies seem so real that so are the fears. Laughing away fears and telling the child that monsters don’t exist won’t help. What can help is to fantasize with your Fish. About the magic shield that surrounds your child and that destroys all monsters and other dangers the moment they come even a little closer.

To limit his/her lies a bit

Yes, small and young Pisces lie. Again for the same reason: because their enormous imagination runs away with them. Because eventually the Pisces child sometimes no longer knows what is true and what is not. However, telling the truth becomes easier if the child feels safe with you. In other words: if it can tell you everything without making you angry.

Avoid exclamations such as:

You’re lying again!

Are you dreaming again?

You are a real scaredy cat!



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