10 things you may not know yet about the Chinese Pig


Did you know that our western zodiac signs have an eastern equivalent? Therefore, here is some info about the Pig, the Chinese zodiac sign that is traditionally linked to the western zodiac sign Scorpion.

Here are 10 useful facts about the PIG:


Pigs have a noble disposition and are usually honest and tolerant. But do realize that in the meantime they always put their own needs first.


Pigs cannot live without physical love, passion, good food and drink, Nor can they live without beauty, art, outdoors, nature…


Do you want to seduce a Pig? Then simply book a gastronomic extended weekend somewhere in the middle of nature. Generously shower everything with eroticism. Provide good room service, because you will of course often be in the room and in bed. This in order to take Piggy to cloud 9.


Pigs’ seduction skills are rather direct. Style: I like you, you like me. Shall we go straight away at your place or at mine? And indeed, this does not always go down well with everyone because the slow, exciting build-up is skipped here.


Do you know how the Pig will bind you?  He/she will love you for a lifetime and place you at number one in his or her personal top ten. You will also receive sufficient attention, appreciation and respect.


Our hospitable Pig is a social and family animal. So please don’t forget what is really important to him or her. Such as birthdays for example, and holidays plus all other gatherings with the family and/or friends. Attention: always provide plenty of tasty food and drinks!


Pigs require a partner who understands their regular need for seclusion. A lonely beach or forest walk, for example, can make Piggy very happy. It then fully enjoys the sound of the sea or the wind in the trees plus the sound of birds and other creatures.


Although the financial condition of many Pigs fluctuates, they usually manage to live quite comfortably.


Piglet gives a lot. And give a little, take a little… You can protect the Pigs you love in return from their credulity and eternal naivety. Because appearances are deceiving and evil does exist. Unfortunately, many Pigs are not really convinced of this. And that sometimes has unfortunate consequences.


If a Pig is cheating on you, examine yourself. Pigs like a lot, remember! A lot! Especially in the bedroom.


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