10 things you didn’t know yet about the Chinese Dragon


Here are 10 facts you didn’t know yet about the Chines Dragon:


You recognize a dragon by his/her enthusiasm, talent, dare, pioneering spirit, strength and success. If a dragon perching anywhere, everyone has seen or heard it. Even the less glitzy or more timid Dragons possess at closer look enough charisma to win over others smoothly. A feature that will be very useful in the professional, amorous and friend area.


Dragons must have a purpose in life, a mission. That goal is usually accomplished entirely on their own strength. Because Dragons are solid, efficient workers who never lose sight of their holy mission. They are not quickly thrown off gard, and keep on going and going tirelessly.


The power of the mighty, mythical dragon reflects on the worldly Dragon and makes him/her into a confident, natural leader with a born authority that leaves no one unmoved. And who earns respect from friend and foe.


Dragons can talk you over, overwhelm you with ideas and then easily carried you away in their enthusiasm, wildest dreams and noisy outbursts. Fasten your seatbelts, please.


Most female and male Dragons keep on flirting for the rest of their lives. Not surprising, with so many admirers! Dragons are not sex maniacs. They are more concerned about the game, the challenge, the tingle, the hunt … Once the prey is inside, she quickly becomes a lot less interesting. Well … being faithful and remaining it, requires a lot of will power of a Dragon.


Did you know that many Dragons are convinced deep inside that you don’t know you how fortunate you are that she or he wants to share the bed with you? Oh please…


The usually lovable Dragon allows itself to be won by a strong partner who adopts a sufficiently mysterious profile and preferably plays a while “hard to get”. To keep a Dragon you, as a partner, need to give enough counteract. And yes, there may thunder and strom involved for the Dragon. Love and sex afterwards will be more sweeter.


Dragons definitely have faults, but you can never accuse him or her of backstabbing or deception. Our Dragon always fights openly, is primarily engaged in storming ahead in order to achieve the objective. When others in the meantime attack him or hem in the back through intrigues, the Dragon only finds out when it is too late.


Dragons will only perform professionally best if they are given the necessary freedom. Moreover, he/she aspires a place at the top, not in the middle.


Dragons have a strong opinion that they usually do not change. You will have to come with very convincing arguments before a Dragon will ever change his mind. Other people’s opinion is completely irrelevant for Dragons.

Did you know that all western zodiac signs have a chinese equivalent? The chinese dragon is traditionally linked to the western astrological sign Aries.


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